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Magic Room Theater

To Magic Room Theater established in 2003 by Maria Tsaroucha. Has raised to date the following musical performance

"Ayti is a duck" ( cultural area publications Ankara)
"An account in the scene" ( House of Art)
«Reunion» (Local)
"Lola's Cabaret" ( The Bandoneon)
«It’ s a Wonder Full World» ( Local)
«Maria in Abundance» ( DOORS)

The performances of the Magic Room Theater based on impeccable aesthetics, degradation of the "diva" of the artist, the inner monologue that employs the artist to each time you create a project and the needs of himself and the viewer to experience all the sensations of the emotion of music, the truth of the theater, the beauty of viewing art, the hidden code of communication between the two.

The performances of the Magic Room Theater stand 'product' art, due to the combined impact of the project, musical selections, realism drama. He is with theater, musical, stand up comedy και μουσικό live. Collaborations with artists who participate each time based on the unique ability and education have to post-bear on Greece dynamics, aesthetics and sensibility major musical and producers go abroad.