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“Lola's Cabaret”

_DSC7011 It Lola's Cabaret unique cabaret of modern Buenos Aires, ready to welcome viewers who wish to apodrasounmesa a night full of sensuality, song , emotion , communication .

It Lola's Cabaret is the story of a unique love between renowned artistes of cabaret , the Lola and her lover . The lottery luck turns every night into the cabaret and the lucky customer wins the most unlikely, an evening with Lola. In this way the Lola knows her lover , a relationship that will last for years, but that will always exist between the Lola's commitment to other men who shared with her lover. How withstand someone to share his love and makes up for it ; The Lola leaves her beloved knowing that it is very hard for both of them to live divided. But her beloved Lola 's a surprise ........ because the only way a man can understand another human is to find the place ........!!!!!!


Coefficients show:

Concept , direction , in the role of Lola Maria Tsaroucha

The role of man John Mathes

In voice komper Harry Bosinas


Piano : Manos Athanasiadis

Guitar : Kostas Arvanitis

Percussion : Alejandro Diaz

Saxophone : Costas Vazouras

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