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Bug1The Bug, a contemporary drama with strong elements of thriller, moves on the borderline reality and illusion. Stranded on a marginal motel, Peter and Agnes, living a desperate love story, and obsessions, cocaine and conspiracy theories lead them into a whirlpool of paranoia and hallucinations. BUG means bug and bug tracking.

Author: Lets Tracy
Translation: C. Chatzinikolaou & C. Paloumpis
Direction: George Paloumpis
Scenery: George Chatzinikolaou
Costumes: Daphne Larouni
Music: Marios Strofalis
Lighting: Claus Klotsotiras

Maria Tsaroucha
Dimitris Lalos
Stathis Stamoulakis
Vaso Kamaratou
Costas Coutsolelos



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