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Cd “Kindly Songs”

cdTo sing that love is different from love to sing ... is an exercise of freedom .... By Lakis alike. The "space" in which each can hold up his or mine has separate joint resultant , contains as key drivers love, desire, the risk, confidence in the primary instinct, degradation. With these concepts as a component of our collaborations Lakis was to "politely songs», I interpreted it. Thank you my friend Lakis for giving me joy!
And I thank all the great artists who met them through songs inspired, each song a story that belongs to all of us, each story indestructible to flourish at this time, even if the violets are gone…
Maria Tsaroucha

... "Pieces" ... my soul ... "pieces" ... my childhood ... "pieces" ... I want to be alive today.
Artists who made me and make me happy and a better person .... I feel a great responsibility because once I have the honor to serve complete circle of twelve noble songs, Wonderful people-artists!! I do not hide the emotion that I feel when I hear and not forgetting of course even if you have spent long years ... my favorite companion, complex Maria Tsaroucha…
Lakis Papadopoulos

O music critic Lambros Liavas speaks for the kind songs

Completing a term 30 year in song, Lakis signs anymore with his surname (Papadopoulos), but still maintain their youthful sensitivity and concerns "Lakis with tall cuffs". Remains a gifted songwriter, with a strong musical foundation, deep melodic vein and an inner sense of rhythm. Although he has proven that he could follow the recipes of commercial discography, nevertheless does not rely on tested stereotypes, maintaining a personal style and ethos, with quality and consistency in options. So, in this new record of proposal, less fragmentary and clusters, χτυπάει φλέβα και φέρνει στην επιφάνεια τις λυρικές μελωδίες κάποιων εκλεκτών μουσικών του «προγόνων», κυρίως από τις δεκαετίες του ’50 και του ’60. Favorite songs but also some lesser known (hidden gems would speak!..) exceptional composers who wrote, as Kostas Giannidis, Menelaos Theofanidis, Jacques Iakovidis, ο Νίκι Γιάκοβλεφ, ο Γιάννης Βέλλας, ο Σπήλιος Μεντής κ.ά. In early performances highlighted the voices who sealed an entire era of Greek song: Danae, Nikos Gounaris, Fotis Polymeris, Tonis Maroudas, Joanna Georgakopoulou, Mary Lo, Trio Kantsone etc.. Composers and performers of this generation (although crowding and label ... retro they reserved the prevalence of "artistic – Pop ") showed that the 'light' song is ultimately a very serious matter!.. These artists were, foremost, highly trained musicians who knew thoroughly how to structure, to harmonize, to orchestrate, to perform a tune. Although not always fortunate in terms of lyrics, many of their songs are brilliant examples of 'great art of small songs "!.. Lakis Papadopoulos, through the adaptation of, accepts the "affinity" that connects with them and epichromatizei the black and white photos with timbres bold and imaginative. It succeeds in an experiment quite risky, which could easily be slid in blurred or reproduction even in the original caricature ...! And succeeds because it's obvious love and admiration for these often overlooked and misunderstood workers of Greek song, in which Lakis and his generation (I belong too) associated with radio links .... Indeed, the long term as an observer and as a radio producer, has equipped with all sorts of precious sounds that, as tributaries, feed the melodic vein. This music "legacy" re-christened the jazz-rock nature of (without fear ..., but with great passion) and from their union follows a personal code of expression that combines the old with the modern, modern and timeless. In the same spirit as the orchestration, simple and elegant, comes combined with interpretations of songs from the same Lakis and Mary Tsaroucha, which sensitively and theatricality lodge feel of a younger generation opposite to that repertoire. So, manage to "ventilate" these "gentle songs", to establish and communicate it to a younger audience, giving them a "second life" that confirms the strength and charm to today! Lambros Liavas


Anthony LADOPOULOI to thank you for the courteous and willing your participation !
Dude Costas Anadiotis thank you for the kindness, patience and your active participation in the realization of this dream!
Nick , Risen Thank you for the friendly offer and the quality results!
Thanks Miltos Karatzas for the trust and love with which they personally circled the "kindly songs» our!
We have the good fortune and pleasure to participate at the start of the company Cobalt ... wishes for many platinum records with quality songs kindly!

Lakis - Maria

The CD is released in stores from Final Touch (distributed by Cobalt)